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There is not much to see here as I do not want to maintain a personal site, so consider this my business card and please be in contact as needed via email. I use this site on occasion to experiment with projects, try new code, post design ideas and roughs for feedback, and comment on things that interest me about design, digital media and communication.


UCLA Extension

I work at UCLA Extension in the areas of Studio Art, Art History, Photography, Design Thinking, User Experience and Design Communication Arts. Visit our site for current events and general information. Unlike this site, it is updated often with some of the amazing things our instructors are up to.




Joint TEDx between UCLA and CSUN (Date TBD, planning for March 2015)


Curator for TEDxUCLA May 31st 2014 UCLA's James Bridges Theatre


Curator for TEDxUCLA October 27th, 2012 UCLA's Schoenberg Hall


Cal Poly SLO news: Cal Poly Science Café Presents Life-Size Computer Game Workshop

Boing Boing coverage of workshop: (Scott Hutchinson and Michael Newman)


Cal Arts Workshop: Scott Hutchinson and Dick Whitney

CultureHub ARTALK presents Scott Hutchinson and Richard Whitney: a two-part series 'Seeing by Building Simple Electronics' & 'Capturing a Story'


CSUN Workshop: Scott Hutchinson and Pete Hawks
Art & Electronics/arduino workshop



AIGA Los Angeles

I also served on the board for AIGA Los Angeles and remain active with our student group, one of the largest and most active in Los Angeles, our events and activities are on our facebook page.


AIGA National

I've completed by term with the AIGA National Design Educators Community, lead by Louis Sandhouse from Cal Arts. I was the lead in building a new site to better serve faculty nationwide, and we went live in August.


Woodbury University Design Advisory Board


Moorpark College DMA Advisory Board



Scott Hutchinson Design

I've worked as a designer for over two decades for a variety of universities, individuals and non-profits. My contact for design consulting: email and phone 310 804 2202.


UCLA Extension Cover Series

I curate the Master Series of the UCLA Extension Catalog Covers. Working with these talented designers across the globe is something I truly enjoy. If you would like to be considered please email me.





Organizer for TEDxUCLA

I've been going to and part of TED for over a decade. Last year we organized, designed, produced and curated UCLA's first TEDx, TEDxUCLA. It was a successful event, sold out and phenominal presentations by 18 presenters that put in herculaneum presentation efforts that paid off.

Our second annual TEDxUCLA conference is October 27th, 2012 at Schoenberg Hall.


Volunteering and consulting

UCLA Volunteer Center

In the interest of volunteering, I remain part of the small team doing the User Experience, Branding, design and web development for the UCLA Volunteer Center, an initative launched by Antoinette Mongelli in association with the chancellors office. The center is now in its forth year.



What on earth is that above graphic? It is a random database feed from samples of my design work, 3-4 projects shown in slices. It is an experiment with CSS and php calls.